I was fascinated by photography for as long as I can think. My first tries were done at the age of 9 with a box camera I received from my grandmother, and which I loved to take on every holiday. Still, this early passion did not lead very far and almost got forgotten, until I got my first digital camera in 2008 when I travelled to Thailand. And so the journey began.

In the following years, I was fortunate to live every photographer’s dream, travelling a lot in South East Asia while being based in a beautiful place at the borders of Austria, Italy and Slovenia, developing my photography along the way. While I still have many things to learn, this is one thing I love about photography: that you never stop learning.

In my work I am trying to do what may be the motivation for many photographers: to capture the beauty and preciousness of this world, which is intrinsic in everything and everyone – if we take the care and the time to see it.

 – Nicolas Neumann-Micheau