Faces of Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson was an American adventurer, secret service officer and business man who stayed in Thailand after the second world war to create his fortune, revolutionizing the Thai textile and silk industry in the process.

Legends rank around his mysterious disappearance in the jungle of the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, on Easter Sunday 1967. Several search missions remained to no avail (including my own back in 2012 – though I must admit that perhaps I was not determined enough to find him… ;))

Today, his company named Jim Thompson – The Thai Silk Company sets a world standard for high-quality Thai silk products. You can find more information here:
–> http://www.jimthompson.com/index.asp

If you always wanted to see more of the beautiful, friendly and hard-working staff behind the retail shops of the company, this small series is for you. Enjoy! 🙂

Nicolas Neumann-Micheau

 -> see the full gallery here: Faces of Jim Thompson


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